What is "My Microscopic World"?

Hi, my name is Martin and I am the guy behind My Microscopic World.

I have always been fascinated by science, nature and biology, which is why I chose a career in biomedicine. In biology class and during my education I sometimes got to use a microscope, and each time I was blown away by the new, almost alien-like world invisible to the naked eye.

Last summer (2018) I finally bought my first microscope which allow me to explore the microworld at home as often as I like. Before I started My Microscopic World I would send pictures and videos to my friends and family every time I found something new, and none of them was even remotely as amazed as I was, and still am, about the microscopic organisms I found. A couple of months after I bought my microscope and was starting to annoy the people I knew with my almost daily pictures and clips of very small stuff. A friend of mine asked me why I didn't start an Instagram profile to share my findings with people who really appreciate the stuff I find, so I did. But more than that, I also started a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Patreon account to share the amazing microscopic world with as many people as possible.

I chose the name “My Microscopic World” because all the samples I look at are from my life and my world, my microscopic world.

Fast forward to now…

A few days ago my brother, who works in web-design, finally created this website for me and here we are.

To show you some of the fascinating things I find with my microscope, and what you can expect to see here and on my social media pages. I have created a short trailer for My Microscopic World:

Other than the pictures and clips i make of the incredible microworld. I will also use this site to make blog posts about microscopy in general, sample collection and preparation. I will also post DIY projects related to microscopy along with reviews of the products i get and use in my exploration of the microworld.

I want to know how everything looks under a microscope, and I would love for you to join me on my journey into the amazing microscopic world!

Here is a link to the microscope i bought, or a close match (this is an affiliate link which means I get a small commission if you choose to buy anything. But dont worry, your price doesn’t change).